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Meyer Lemon Lager

May, 2016
Judges Rating: 
24 / 24
5 / 6
39 / 40
9 / 10
Overall Impression: 
19 / 20

This lager starts with melted Creamsicle aromas supported by clean frothy milk, low Mexican vanilla and sour lemon candy.  After a minute, freshly made crepes and an earthy fern character appears. The beer is a clear straw color with fine consistent carbonation creating a low, white, filmy head. The flavor starts as creamy wheat cereal, crisp mouthwatering homemade lemonade and lemon saltwater taffy that's neither cloying nor sweet. The finish is dry with a tart lemon hard candy character and very low alcohol heat aftertaste. A high level of carbonation balances the moderate creaminess from the wheat and very low alcohol warming in the belly.  Overall, this is a balanced beer with a complex and evolving aroma. Easy to drink yet interesting enough to go back for a second pint.