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Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout

March, 2017
Judges Rating: 
23 / 24
5 / 6
36 / 40
10 / 10
Overall Impression: 
18 / 20

Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout is an Oatmeal Stout, and was evaluated as an oatmeal stout (2015 Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) Category 16B) offering according to BJCP guidelines. For this style, characteristics of complimentary roast, malt, and pleasing silky oatmeal character are supported by hop bitterness. Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout is all silky, smooth chocolate and creamy oatmeal, while missing the characteristic supporting hop bitterness.

The beer was poured into a pint glass from a 12-oz bottle, though cans and 22-oz bottles are also available. At first there are complex and smooth aromas of chocolate syrup, creamy oatmeal, dried dark fruit, and lightly roasted briquette.  Over time, a pleasing nutty, raw almond, walnuts-in-their-skins note with light cocoa butter, roasted non-descript wood aroma, and malty multi-grain bread characteristics emerge. Overall, well-integrated and evolving aromas. 

Visually, when poured, it has a low persistent tan head, with fine carbonation. The beer is an opaque buckwheat honey brown, with clear ruddy amber brown edges. Consistent with the aroma, the flavors are a smooth chocolate cream with a lingering light roast, nutty, slight mineralty with a mouth-drying chalk in the finish. Notably, the flavors evolve overtime.  The aftertaste is of smooth roasty cacao and coffee beans but lacks bitterness. An appropriate slight slickness on the tongue with a very low alcohol presence is livened up by fine carbonation.

Overall, Barney Flats is a smooth and creamy oatmeal stout. All the flavors are succinct and not overpowering. The stout lacks characteristic fruit flavor and supporting hop bitterness, however it is a great introduction beer for someone starting to explore and enjoy stouts.