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Judge's Review: 75 Rating - War Llama by Mispillion River Brewing

June, 2022

War Llama

War Llama

United States
War Llama, Mispillion River Brewing

This is a Sports Berliner beer, which contains flavored electrolytes. War Llama (mixed berry), War Possum (strawberry lemonade), War Goose (grape). They are 16oz cans. It also raises money for Metavivor breast cancer research.

Beverage Profile
Served at: 
American Two Row



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Judges Rating: 
19 / 24
4 / 6
32 / 40
6 / 10
Overall Impression: 
14 / 20

War Llama by Mispillion River Brewing is a Berliner Weisse brewed with mixed berry flavor and electroltyes and was judged as a Berliner Weisse (BJCP sub-style 23A). It poured a clear, bright Granny Smith Apple-green color into the glass, forming a sparse greenish-white head with poor retention.

The aroma included faint lactic sour notes and even fainter berry ones. Absent was any noticeable malt or hop aroma. The flavor profile resembled that of the aroma, but featured only slightly more lactic sourness and sugary sweetness. There were no traces of malt or hops or fruit or any distinctive brewer’s yeast contributions. The mouthfeel was characterized by very low carbonation for style, an unusually light body, and no lasting astringency although a certain amount would have been welcome and what one would expect from this light, refreshingly tart beer style.

Overall, this beer lacks nearly all of the core characteristics of a Berliner Weisse in sufficient quantities and balance to provide much drinking pleasure. Its sweet, crisp mouthfeel is not unpleasant, and the addition of electrolytes may even provide the imbiber with some unmeasurable biochemical relief. But that type of unconventional additive is not enough to warrant seeking this beer out.