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Judge's Review: 91 Rating - Hold On Juicy by New Realm Brewing

March, 2023

Hold On Juicy

Hold On Juicy

United States
Hold On Juicy, New Realm Brewing

My mind goes back to a beer I sipped some years ago, so hold on juicy and don’t let go. It’s a hazy DIPA that’ll make your taste buds roll. Ok, ok, you get the point. This gigantic hazy juicy double IPA, the first in the ‘just like music’ series, takes it to the next level with massive amounts of orange, lemon and pineapple notes from it Azacca, El Dorado, and Idaho 7 hop additions. Just don’t let go!

Beverage Profile
Served at: 
48º- 54ºF
Azacca, El Dorado, Idaho 7



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Judges Rating: 
23 / 24
6 / 6
37 / 40
8 / 10
Overall Impression: 
17 / 20

Hold On Juicy by New Realm Brewing is a rather massive example of the BJCP 21B Specialty IPA – New England IPA style, having the strength of a Double IPA. As such, the alcohol is very evident and tends to amplify some of the sweet characteristics typically seen in a NEIPA. This one is definitely a sipper! 

There is a general dank hop aroma (Simcoe, Citra, tropical pineapple notes), but it is surprisingly subdued for the style. A general sweetness comes through in the aroma from the hops as well as from fermentation esters that are evident.  The beer is a hazy gold color with a white small-bubbled head with good retention. The appearance definitely meets the expectations for the style.   

The dominant character in the flavor is the sweetness with moderate dank and tropical hop flavor and a bitter character. The bitterness could be a bit higher to help balance out the sweetness. This sweetness lingers into the finish and aftertaste, delivering a rather cloying character through the finish. Alcohol is also quite evident and warming, which also helps amp up the lingering sweetness perception. The body is medium-full, and the carbonation is moderate, though it could be higher to, again, balance out the sweet perception. The fermentation is very clean for a higher-alcohol beer like this. 

Hold On Juicy is not a quaffer, but one to appreciate in smaller sips. Still quite nice!