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Judge's Review: 92 Rating - Tropic of Thunder Lager by Stone Brewing Co.

December, 2018
Judges Rating: 
21 / 24
6 / 6
38 / 40
9 / 10
Overall Impression: 
18 / 20

Tropic of Thunder Lager by Stone Brewing Co. was judged as an Experimental Beer (34C). The aroma is dominated by fruit from the abundance of aroma hopping. The fruitiness is very tropical, mostly mango and papaya, with a back note of herbal quality. There are no off notes and only a hint of malt sweetness to complement the hops. The color is straw with exceptional clarity. A nice fluffy, fine white head persists with a continual rise of bubbles from the bottom of the glass. The flavor is likewise dominated by hops, again with strong tropical fruit characteristics, but also some herbal qualities. A clean and simple malt sweetness backs the hops, and a healthy dose of bitterness adds additional complexity to the flavor profile. The mouthfeel is medium with a touch of astringency from the gas, but perhaps a little from hops as well. The finish is malty with a little sweetness and a bite from hop bitterness that lingers. Overall, this is a very interesting and good experimentation with novel hops on a lager base that should interest hopheads and lager fans alike. If you are prone to enjoy Pale Ales and IPAs that stay away from strong caramel or malt leanings, you would especially want to try this flavorful and well-balanced experimental beer.