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Judge's Review: 94 Rating - Bastogne Ardenne Saison by Brasserie de Bastogne

July, 2018
Judges Rating: 
21 / 24
6 / 6
38 / 40
10 / 10
Overall Impression: 
19 / 20

Bastogne Ardenne Saison by Brasserie de Bastogne is a Saison refermented with Brettanomyces, judged as BJCP Category 25B. This beer has a restrained, fruity aroma consisting of peach and pear. It is complemented by an equally mild Brett aroma and spicy hop character. After it warms, the aroma takes on the unmistakable soapiness of Cascade hops. This beer is hazy gold in color and has a tall white head with excellent retention. There's a solid layer of sediment at the bottom of the bottle. This beer tastes bitter, dry, and attenuated with an even overtone of Brett and prickly hop spice. It is highly carbonated and medium bodied, finishing with a wild twinge. Overall this is a surprisingly easy-drinking ale. It's a pleasure to be able to enjoy something so characterful yet unobtrusive.