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Judge's Review: 95 Rating - Haze Dipper by New Realm Brewing

March, 2023

Haze Dipper

Haze Dipper

United States
Haze Dipper, New Realm Brewing

This hazy juicy pale ale transports you with its glistening tropical fruit notes and sweet orange marmalade aromatics. Striking haze nebulas and array of juicy hop constellations. so pull up a chair, reach for your glass and float away into a world all your own.

Beverage Profile
Served at: 
40 - 45º F
Comet, Citra, Vic Secret



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Judges Rating: 
24 / 24
6 / 6
38 / 40
9 / 10
Overall Impression: 
18 / 20

Haze Dipper by New Realm Brewing is a wonderful example of a full-flavored impactful IPA that is still approachable and quaffable, which is quite the trick for examples of this style! This brew is being evaluated as a BJCP 21B Specialty IPA – New England IPA style as per the 2021 guidelines, though the ABV is on the low end of the style. 

There is a massive explosion of general dank hop aroma (Simcoe, Citra, melon and tropical) from the second that the can is opened. The character is extremely fresh. There are also a fair amount of sweet esters from fermentation and a slightly malty backbone that comes through. Really fantastic aroma! The brew is a hazy light-gold color with a small white-bubbled head with amazing retention. Almost whipped cream-like in consistency. 

The flavor has a bit of sweetness, but this is well balanced by the moderate hop bitterness. Still, dank hop flavors are the star of the show here, with the Simcoe sulfur-like notes being the predominant character. Some of the sweetness perception is coming from the citrus and tropical hop flavors that are evident throughout the drink. The overall character is quite smooth. The body is medium, and the carbonation is moderate, which also helps cut the sweetness in the finish a bit, allowing for a clean palate that is prepared for the next sip. While the finish does still come off as a touch sweet, it isn’t a true distraction, and it might be the lower ABV in this one helps with the contrast.

Haze Dipper is a very nice Hazy IPA that is very approachable and quaffable for the style. If you are a fan of Hazy IPA’s, you will certainly not be disappointed.