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October, 2016


Judges Rating: 
22 / 24
6 / 6
35 / 40
7 / 10
Overall Impression: 
16 / 20

The trend of fruited IPA continues unabated, for better or worse, and this beer features the somewhat unusual combination of mango and passionfruit. It pours a slightly hazy, pale yellow from the can, quickly creating an effervescent, bubbly, bright white head that retreats after a few minutes. A sniff reveals lots of fruit in the aroma: pineapple, mango, orange zest, and tropical fruits along with a little more dank hop notes in the background. Sipping this beverage is a starkly bitter affair right from the start with an interesting and unexpected tartness along for the ride. The flavor mimics the aroma with lots of passionfruit, lemon, and citrus pith. Very little malt is perceptible and even then only in the dry finish. As the beer warms, the tartness becomes stronger and almost acidic, much like biting into an orange without peeling it. With a moderately light body, opulent fruit aroma, and tart flavor, this beer would be refreshing on a hot day. However, the strong bitterness and pith-like flavors/acidity might be a bit much for some.