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Good Chit Pilsner

May, 2016
Judges Rating: 
22 / 24
6 / 6
37 / 40
10 / 10
Overall Impression: 
17 / 20

Named with a play on words on a malting term (“chit” refers to the tiny rootlets that grow from the grain during the germination phase of malting), this generically labeled “pilsner” is brewed with floor-malted barley and Liberty hops from Rogue Farms. While Czech yeast is used, both the malt character and dry finish exude more German Pils-like qualities. The aroma begins with spicy and herbal hops that are quite noble in quality despite being a homegrown American varietal. The malt character is bready with a light toastiness but not too heavy; the malt character is quite good with no grainy or corny flavors. The finish is moderately bitter (seems higher than 38 IBU) with a crisp, dry finish. This is an great example of how good a basic beer style can be when you have total control over the whole brewing process -- including the ingredients!