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Salamander Slam

October, 2016

Salamander Slam

Judges Rating: 
20 / 24
6 / 6
32 / 40
7 / 10
Overall Impression: 
14 / 20

This IPA pours a light amber color with clear clarity.  A bone white head forms, consisting of dense tiny bubbles that dissipate quickly leaving a ring around the glass.  Most prominent on the nose is a moderately intense hop aroma consisting of a floral and gourd like (pumpkin shell) notes.  Very low caramel malt notes are present as well as a light fruity ester presence.  Light alcohol notes are weaved into the aroma.  Hop flavor is medium consisting of moderate floral notes and low peppery spice.  Hop bitterness is moderate-high in intensity.  Malt flavor is perceived as bready malt of medium intensity and caramel notes are negated by the hop profile.  The malt flavor is aged and has a muddled character.  Low fruity esters are apparent in the flavor.  Balance is fairly dry with the aftertaste favoring the hops.  Ethel alcohol flavor tends to come through towards the back end and overtake the aftertaste lingering after the swallow.  The body is medium with a moderate carbonation.  Smooth in texture, this beer has a touch of alcohol warmth, which suggests a sneaky ABV.   Overall this is a decent IPA, though the hop flavor seems a bit subdued and muted for the style.  The perceived alcohol blends with the hop bitterness and overpowers the aftertaste and leaves the lingering flavor slightly harsh.  This beer could improve from a few minor tweaks to bring it into a nice example of the style.