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Ways to Read

  • Login to your premium account and read magazine editions on your computer, phone or tablet at The "Magazine" tab is the first one provided on the home page of the website.
  • Daily editorial e-newsletters: One full story from the magazine is delivered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Monday isIndustry News, Thursday is Beverage News, Friday is the Official Review and Sunday is a feature on a high scoring beer with the judge's notes and brewer Q&A and. In your account, you may manage the days you wish to receive email from us. Our daily editorial eNewsletters are our Audience Favorite!
  • PDF downloads: Designed PDF's are available for some, but not all issues. You may download the PDF of all available editions from the home page of those editions. PDF's are available for the following editions: Issue 1 - Issue 32, Issue 40, Issue 46 and future annual print editions.

In today's digital world, we have found that busy beer lovers want quick access to in-depth content that can be easily absorbed on a phone, tablet or computer. The Web Page Format accomplishes this goal, as both body text and supporting photos quickly load and easily display on all devices.

Exploring each magazine issue is simple! The home page of each edition contains a table of contents that links to the stories throughout the issue. At the bottom of each story you will also find a condensed table of contents for quick navigation. That's it!

Most phones and tablets now contain a "Read Mode" located on the text line of the device's web browser. When reading a story, press this option on your browser and the article text will auto-zoom for ease of reading. Press the "Read Mode" option again to return to normal view. Both views will present easily viewable text and photography.