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Enjoy a wide range of editorial topics on beer written and submitted by guest contributors that have been approved by The Beer Connoisseur® magazine & online's editorial department.

We are, first and foremost, a publication about beer and brewing, so our beer guest blog covers a wide variety of topics related to beer and brewing that are sure to interest our readers.

Beer topics covered include beer education, beer-related products, the brewing industry, best beers to pair with various activities, beer trends and much more.

All of our beer guest blogs have undergone review by our editorial department, often being edited in-depth to ensure a high-quality reading experience.

Explore and enjoy!

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These Beer Pairing Ideas Prove That Beef Jerky Is the Greatest Bar Snack
Beer accounts for about 75% of all alcoholic drinks consumed globally, according to Gitnux Market Data Report 2024. It's clear that brew is still the...
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In the labyrinth of casino culture, where fortunes are won and lost with every roll of the dice, there's a comforting constant amidst the uncertainty...
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Homebrewing beer has evolved from a niche hobby to a widespread phenomenon, capturing the interest of both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike....
3 Ways Your Microbrewery Can Give Back To The Community
A microbrewery is so much more than a place where people grab a glass or two of beer. It’s a place where people meet, drink, catch up on life and...