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Graham is a National-ranked BJCP judge living in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. He has been homebrewing beer for almost 20 years since it became legal in Georgia. His favorite styles to brew (and drink) are IPA’s, Double IPA’s, and malty lagers like Oktoberfest/Marzen, and Maibock. He recently embarked on a series of sour beers that will hopefully mature favorably over the next few years.

Aside from beer and brewing, Graham’s other hobbies include coaching youth baseball, fishing, and cooking. When not doing those things, he works as an attorney. 





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“The west is the best,” or so say The Doors. Even if you don’t agree, this beer demonstrates that East Coast breweries are able to make great, west coast-style IPAs despite their geographic location. This beer pours a beautiful golden-yellow with excellent clarity and a persistent, creamy, white... Read More