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Enjoy a wide range of topics related to beer and the brewing industry written by guest contributors and approved by The Beer Connoisseur editors. Enjoy!

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The Stone Brewing v. MillerCoors Lawsuit: Who Cast the First Stone
Guest Blog Post By Scott Harper, Partner at Harper Bates & Champion LLP Beer shouldn’t be bitter; that’s what a 1995 Keystone Light commercial...
Three Trends That Could Affect Craft Breweries' Bottom Lines in 2018
By Bob Bond and Drew Mattox of EKS&H LLLP Craft brewing is experiencing some ups and downs as the segment matures and adapts to the change in...
Dr. Holly Richmond, Psychologist
There’s car sex, wedding night sex, breakup sex, makeup sex, straight sex, gay sex, kinky sex, and the list goes on and on, especially if you’ve got...