Jeffrey Pinhey

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Jeffrey Pinhey is co-founder of the Brewnosers Homebrewing and Beer Appreciation Club in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is one of the most experienced beer judges in Canada, having written the exam in 1991 and advancing to National Level by 1997. Jeff has overseen the sitting of nine BJCP Exam Sessions as a proctor and is also a BJCP Exam Grader. He was also the Canadian Representative on the BJCP Committee that created the current modern BJCP scoresheet.

Jeff has been Best of Show Beer Judge for the Great Canadian Homebrew Championship four times, judge at three National Final Round American Homebrewing Competitions, 10-time judge at the Canadian Brewing Awards (professional brewing), including three Best of Show tables in 2012, 2014 and 2017, and judge at the Ontario Brewing Awards. He is a co-founder of the Atlantic Canada Beer Awards (professional) and has judged most of those competitions.

After years of homebrewing and beer advocacy in Nova Scotia, the local beer scene has improved so much, that he stopped brewing about five years ago and has focused more on enjoying the great beers made in Atlantic Canada, while continuing to help grow the BJCP ranks in the region.