Kathy Yan Li

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Kathy Yan Li is a National rank BJCP beer with mead and cider endorsements and has judged over 40 competitions in six provinces and seven U.S. states so far. She really enjoys the brewing and homebrewing communities and loves the various ways one can be involved in them. She started homebrewing in 2010 when she co-founded the UBC Brewing Club with some friends in an attempt to make cheap beer accessible to all. She is the co-founder and president of Canadian Homebrewers Association and enjoys sharing Canadian homebrewing news and stories. One of her more recent projects is running the Canuck Cider Cup, a cider-only homebrew competition in Canada.

When she is not travelling to judge beer or run tasting exams, she enjoys napping and spending time with her young family. Sometimes, she thinks about finishing a graphic novel about her time working in a seasonal hotel in the Yukon.