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Kevin J. Gray is passionate about promoting Midwestern craft beer. Located in Dayton, Ohio, Kevin helps run three local festivals (Montessori School of Dayton’s Brew Ha-Ha, Big Brews and Blues, and Big Beers and Barley Wines), writes beer columns for the local alt weekly, and contributes to a variety of national publications. When not exploring breweries, Kevin can be found playing in the woods—hiking, backpacking, or kayaking. 

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In February 2017, MadTree Brewing opened MadTree 2.0, a 126-barrel brewhouse capable of producing up to 180,000 barrels annually.
In February 2017, Cincinnati’s MadTree Brewing transformed from an average-sized local craft brewery into a potential regional powerhouse with the...
Antebellum Ales: Carillon Brewing Company Tour
Ever thought about time travel? If visiting the past were possible, it’s likely that most readers would wander into a pub to try the beer. Imagine...