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Martyn Cornell is a multiple award-winning writer with more than 30 years of experience in print and online on national and international newspapers and magazines in the UK, the Middle East and the Far East. He is also one of the leading authorities on the history of British beer and the development of British beer styles, and his publications include Beer: The Story of the Pint (2003) and Amber Gold and Black: the History of Britain's Great Beer Styles (2010).



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Porter and Stout from Bertus Brewery
The problem is that today we have a scene where there appears to be a difference between the two drinks, but nobody can agree what that difference is...
One of the big benefits of the global craft beer boom is that it is now possible to go on holiday almost anywhere in the world and find good, locally...
The Ale-House Door, Henry Singleton, 1790
Great novelists did not just write about strong beer. Take James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” for example, undoubtedly one of the great books of the 20th...
Hops, IPA Beer
Because of its popularity, most craft drinkers know – or think they know – how IPA began. To quote one version of the popular history of the style: "...
Schlitz Beer
You might think it would be good to have your company held up in business schools as a famous example. But that wouldn't be the way the people behind...