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92 Rating – Bull and Bush Brewery – Genessee Mountain Rainbow Espresso Oatmeal Stout

Responses from Minister of Progress Erik Peterson.

BC: Who came up with this beer’s recipe?
Gabe, our Head Brewer, came up with this recipe.

BC: What’s your favorite aspect of this beer (flavor, aroma, etc.)?
The way we infuse the cold brewed espresso into the beer, which makes this stout balanced and smooth, without being too weighty.

BC: Where does this beer’s name come from?
The beer is named after my lovely girlfriend Genessee.

BC: Is this your “desert island beer?”
This is not my desert island beer. This is a good fall/winter stout. My desert island beer is Bull & Bush's The Tower E.S.B., which is the perfect balance of malt and hops without too much alcohol.

BC: Can you describe this beer in 10 words or less?
Alluring dark roasty edge with balance of espresso/dark malts.

BC: Do you know a story – or have a personal story – that revolves around this beer?
The full name of this beer is the story itself. My girlfriend Genessee was nicknamed by our beer label designer Stick, who calls her Mountain Rainbow for the sheer joy she brings to everyone around her.

BC: What's a good food pairing for this beer?
This beer screams out for chocolate cake or chocolate mousse.

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