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The Beer Connoisseur Announces New Editorial Categories Branching Out into Hard Beverages, Spirits and THC/CBD

The Beer Connoisseur Announces New Editorial Categories Branching Out into Hard Beverages, Spirits and THC/CBD

Atlanta, GA (January 17, 2020)The Beer Connoisseur® is excited to announce an expansion of its editorial coverage into new categories on hard beverages, spirits and THC/CBD beverages. News stories within these new categories will be compiled into a new editorial eNewsletter called Beverage News that will be released to subscribers every Thursday.

The new editorial categories will cover the following topics: hard beverages, spirits and THC/CBD. Within those major categories, we will aim to provide news on cider, hard kombucha, mead and hard seltzer in the Hard Beverages category. Brandy, gin, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey will be profiled in the Spirits category. The THC/CBD category will showcase breaking news in the burgeoning THC/CBD beverages sphere. Furthermore, various beer-related accessories, books, clothing, gear, homebrewing equipment and professional brewing equipment will be featured in the new Products category.

“With the craft beer industry continuing to adapt and evolve, so too must The Beer Connoisseur® stay committed to providing the most in-depth news on a variety of topics,” said Chris Guest, Managing Editor. “These new editorial categories will offer our readers all the breaking news on hard beverages, spirits and THC/CBD beverages, allowing them to stay informed on hard beverages beyond beer.”

The Beer Connoisseur® has long been an authority on everything related to craft beer, but the company has always had an appreciation for other alcoholic beverages as well. These exciting new editorial categories will allow the company to cover these new topics with the same exacting detail that readers have come to expect.

If you’re a subscriber that’s interested in receiving the Beverage News editorial eNewsletter every Thursday, be sure to go to your preferences when you receive your next eNewsletter. Preferences is located at the top of every eNewsletter; simply click it, then be sure to opt in for Thursday’s Beverage News eNewsletter.

If not subscribed to our daily editorial eNeswletters, head to our website to sign up for a free account.

For more information about The Beer Connoisseur and its editorial coverage or for interview opportunities with Founder, Editor and Publisher Lynn Davis, please email [email protected].

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