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Beer Glassware Guide

From IPA glasses to tulip glasses to steins, krugs and tankards, this article will help you stock your home bar with essential beer glassware.

Beer Glassware Guide

All seasoned craft beer drinkers know this: While what you drink is certainly paramount, the way you drink it is almost as important. I’m not speaking of your erstwhile swilling style – whether it be sipper, scoffer or slammer – but rather the beer glassware vessel in which you enjoy these delectable crafty creations. Let’s talk about glassware.

Before diving into this Nebuchadnezzar-sized topic, let it be said that while enjoying a craft beer out of its specific and tailored glassware is almost always preferable, some people still like to enjoy beer straight from its source from the can or bottle. While this smacks of old-school “paper-bag” swilling, it is still a viable way to transfer beer from container to tummy. Still though, hopefully this article will highlight some preferable options to the beer’s original vessel.

nonic beer glasses
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Pint Beer Glasses

Shaker Glass

The most common glassware style you’ll find at most bars and restaurants (due to their stackability), this dull, conical glass is one of the worst possible options when quaffing a draught of fine craft beer. No curvature means that the beer’s aroma is dulled and the head is minute, and since the glass contains no handle or stem, your hand will naturally warm up the beer from the sides, as opposed to the base, muddying lighter styles and warming up IPAs far too swiftly. Avoid if at all possible. Still though, if you must purchase them, get these high-quality Libbey glasses.

Pint Glasses: Dull, conical shaker glasses muddy lighter styles and warm up beers far too quickly.

Dull, conical shaker glasses muddy lighter styles and warm up beers far too quickly.

Nonic Glass

Though a bit rarer in the U.S., Nonic glasses are quite common in the U.K. A minor improvement from the omnipresent shaker glass, Nonic glasses feature a small groove wrapping around the top of the glass, which serves as a helpful gripping mechanism as well activates the beer’s head. All manner of British styles work well in this glass, including Porters, Stouts and low-ABV British IPAs. If you're looking to buy some high-quality Nonics, look no further than this four-pack.