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Beer Lover's Christmas Gift Guide

Kinkajou Bottle Cutter
Kinkajou Bottle Cutter


Three French Hens

Another thing that craft beer aficionados have no limit of are bottle caps. Some people decorate tables or mirrors with them. Others, sadly, just throw them away. The folks at have an elegant solution that’s both attractive and space-saving.

Their beer cap collector boxes are available in various versions, mostly with different designs on the front with some custom options available for displaying in your man cave, bar or restaurant.

Since they hold well over 1,500 caps, you’ll definitely be saving a lot of space… and drinking a lot of beer in order to fill it up!

Two Turtle Doves

There are many monthly craft beer clubs out there. Some of them have fallen by the wayside as craft beer has moved ever further into the public consciousness, and many interesting beer options have become readily available at your local grocery store.

One craft beer club still worth its weight in barley, hops, malt and yeast is the Original Craft Beer Club. The club provides 12 bottles of four different styles every month, mostly with a regional theme.

With beer trading more popular than ever, join a club where you don’t have to give up any beers on your end to get 12 great brews a month!

...And a Partridge In a Pear Tree

Who doesn’t love some shameless self-promotion? Another great gift for that craft beer lover in your life is a subscription to The Beer Connoisseur’s brand new Premium Web Magazine.

It’s just like the print magazine that you knew and loved, but with more content, more expert beer reviews and more, well, everything!

With our revamped BC Store, you can purchase new subscriptions as gifts with ease.

So go out there and get some beer-themed gifts for the craft beer enthusiast in your life, and if you still just want to give them a gift card and be done with it, make sure it’s for a place that sells good beer!

Happy Holidays!



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