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Beers to Leave for Santa on Christmas Eve

santa beers christmas eve

Christmas and beer go hand in hand, but what about the mythical figure that makes the season truly special? I’m speaking of Santa Claus (or jolly old St. Nicholas or Kris Kringle, etc.), who holds the unenviable task of delivering presents to all the children on his list. Though he has a tough job, perhaps one thing could make his night better: Fine craft beer. Read on to explore this list of beers to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve night.

“Christmas time is here; happiness and beer; drinks for all and adults call their favorite time of year.”

While those might not be the exact lyrics from that beautiful piece of music from Vince Guaraldi in A Charlie Brown Christmas, the message works well for beer connoisseurs when the holidays roll around, as there’s something exquisitely special about beers at Christmastime.



With that in mind, there is one person that perhaps a deserves a beer more than anyone else around the holidays. You know, the guy known for his booming laugh, rosy cheeks and rotund figure with a penchant for magical abilities?

No, I’m not talking about Wilford Brimley in Cocoon, but rather Santa Claus, the man responsible for delivering gifts to children on Christmas Eve.

Certainly, all that delivering is a tall task, so Santa is often welcomed into homes by leaving cookies out at night so that the portly, hirsute, bespectacled gentleman will have nourishment as he rappels down chimney chutes with reckless abandon.

Sometimes, though, the winsome and chipper bloke might prefer to be left something that will truly keep that rosiness in his cheeks for the rest of the night.

That’s right: Maybe Santa Claus would prefer to be left some delectable beers by Christmas trees as he does his nightly rounds.

With that in mind, read on to explore a few beers that would surely bring a smile to old Sinterklaas’s lips as he sipped a hearty brew before moving onto the next house (where he would hopefully find another nice tipple).

Santa’s Little Helper Port Brewing Co.

Santa’s Little Helper
Port Brewing Co.

This Imperial Stout features candi sugar and oaky notes with a finish of espresso. Sharing a name with the dog in The Simpsons, who was famously rescued around Christmastime, this offering from Port Brewing Co. shows Mr. Claus imbibing a foamy brew with an elf as well a reindeer, perhaps portending what Santa will get into with his helpers once his busiest day of the year is completed.

Though this piece is not about the logistics of Santa’s task, it is truly astonishing that Santa is able to visit all the children around the world (who landed themselves on the “nice” list) in such a short period of time, but I suppose that’s what a magical chap like Sinterklaas can do. It also helps that his sleigh is piloted by ace pilot, Rudolph.

Holidale​ Breckenridge Brewery

Breckenridge Brewery

This barrel-aged beauty is sure to put some curl in Santa’s already notably full beard, especially considering it’s a whiskey barrel-aged version of Breckenridge Brewery’s popular Christmas Ale.

If you really wanted to give back to the legendary Kris Kringle, perhaps you could leave both the original Christmas Ale and Holidale to serve as a sort of double feature. Surely, Santa could imbibe one as he left presents with you and then end the night with the second one as his duties are winding down.

Samuel Adams Utopias The Boston Beer Co.

Samuel Adams Utopias
The Boston Beer Co.

A wondrous holiday deserves a wondrous beer, and there is perhaps no more special and spectacular brew than Samuel Adams Utopias by The Boston Beer Co. This hearty and astonishing creation is so rare that a bottle of this might be a bit too much to leave for somebody as a gift. As such, a simple shot glass’s worth of this liquid gold would be plenty.

Aged in myriad barrels and ballooning to 28 percent ABV in its more recent versions, this brew would surely give Saint Nick a jolt as he moved on from your house to the next.

Samichlaus Schloss Eggenberg

Schloss Eggenberg

Perhaps one of the most famous winter warmers in the world, this beer’s name even means Santa Claus in Swiss German. Adorned with an image of the man himself, this beer clocks in at a whopping 14 percent ABV.

Brewed on site at Eggenberg Castle in Vorchdorf, Austria, where commercial brewing has taken place since the year 1681, this beer would be perfect for Mr. Claus to collect and imbibe over the years for a (freezing) night at the North Pole, where he can tip back a vertical tasting of this silky smooth Bock beer.

Winter Welcome Samuel Smith's Brewery

Winter Welcome
Samuel Smith's Brewery

The first-ever holiday beer imported to the U.S., Samuel Smith Brewery’s Winter Welcome would surely make Old Saint Nick feel at home were he to find this brew paired with a plate full of oatmeal raisin cookies.

A dark, roasty and full-bodied Christmas seasonal, Winter Welcome features a delectable malt bill that combines elements of smoke, roast and mild sweetness. Along with a dense earthiness courtesy of the beer’s classic English hop varietals (Fuggles, Goldings), this brew would surely support Santa as he journeyed around the globe delivering presents.

Santa’s Butt Ridgeway Brewing

Santa’s Butt
Ridgeway Brewing

“Everyone wants a piece of Santa’s Butt,” or so says the blurb for this beer on Ridgeway Brewing’s website. This “souped-up” Winter Porter features the curvaceous rump of Mr. Claus himself on its label.

Might Santa find it offensive? Probably not, as he seems to have quite a good sense of humor. Honestly, he’ll probably just be happy for a free beer – especially one that paints his derriere in such a favorable light.

Santa’s Private Reserve Rogue Ales & Spirits

Santa’s Private Reserve
Rogue Ales & Spirits

This beer, in particular, should hit Santa right in his sweet spot. According to Rogue’s website, this beer was actually brewed at Santa’s request, so this Belgian dark ale should be exactly what he’s looking for.

The 2017 rendition of this beer, which was reformulated from the beer’s earlier recipe, featured cherries and raspberries, and the 2018 version was an interesting combination of tangerines and boysenberries. The newest edition for 2019 is a fascinating ale that is brewed with candy cap mushrooms, which are known for their delectable aroma rather than the impact they have on flavor.

Reindeer Tears Heathen Brewing

Reindeer Tears
Heathen Brewing

According to Heathen Brewing, makers of this beer, “there won’t be any reindeer games around Santa’s workshop this year. The jolly old man has gone rogue, collecting tears for this inaugural bourbon barrel-aged barley wine release,”

Despite those rather menacing words, Santa knows full well that this is simply fanciful fiction courtesy of a brewery representative, as he treats his reindeer with love and care.

If you left this beer for Mr. Claus, that would also be treating the old chap with great love and care as well, and this is one that he might have to save for later on – after he’s finished all of his deliveries for the night – due to its hefty ABV content (12%) and overall booziness from the barrel-aging.

Mad Elf Tröegs Brewing Co.

Mad Elf
Tröegs Brewing Co.

This highly sought-after ale from Tröegs Brewing Co. is one that Santa might have a sip of before passing off to his devoted helpers: The Elves!

Brewed with honey and cherries, this sweet and spicy Belgian-influenced brew contains Hallertau and Saaz hops for a Noble hop base then tosses in some chocolate malt for a hearty backbone. At 11 percent ABV, one or two bottles of these is sure to aid the Elves as they celebrate another thrilling Christmas Eve.

Santa! I Know Him! Evil Genius Beer Co.

Santa! I Know Him!
Evil Genius Beer Co.

This fascinating brew from Philadelphia’s Evil Genius Beer Co. is named after Will Ferrell's iconic line in the film Elf when he nabs a job at a department store during the holidays. Ferrell’s ebullient acting surely lifts the film from typical holiday fare, and this interesting beer would surely pique Santa’s interest were it left for him on Christmas Eve.

A Saison brewed with rose hips, chamomile, black currants and Belgian candi syrup, this spicy and piquant brew is far different from typical winter warmers.

There you have it! While Santa is always thinking about others, he also needs some time for himself. These beers will allow the legend to nab some brews while he goes about his business, while also filling up his hefty beer fridge for the offseason.

So this year, forget the cookies; Santa prefers beer!


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Nice list.
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Thanks DrGMG! Can't wait to enjoy some of these hearty Christmas ales during the holidays.

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