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Brewer Q & A – Travel 2016 (Issue 24)

Brewer Q & A – Travel 2016 (Issue 24)

96 Rating – Blackberry Farm Brewery – Classic Saison

Responses from Blackberry Farm head brewer Daniel Heisler.

BC: Who came up with this beer’s recipe? 
The current version of the Classic evolved quickly during the first few spins at our brewhouse as we dialed in our efficiency, hop utilization and color. We wanted a pale, well-attenuated and highly drinkable beer with balanced bitterness and a bright sparkle. I think a lot of brewers would look at this recipe of Weyermann Floor-Malted Pilsner and Wheat with Czech Saaz and UK Golding hops all fermented with an authentic Saison yeast strain and say... yeah, that sounds delicious!

BC: What’s your favorite aspect of this beer (flavor, aroma, etc.)?
Its drinkability and simplicity. I love the crisp, refreshing characteristics that remind me of the best Czech Pilsner variants.

BC: Where does this beer’s name come from?  
Sam, our late proprietor, wanted it to be known by its real inspiration and truly indicative of what the product is… indeed, a classic saison.

BC: Is this your “desert island beer?”
Are we talking “Castaway” desert island, or more of a “Blue Lagoon” thing? Either way, I could definitely sip on this for a long while! 

BC: What's a good food pairing for this beer? 
Classic Saison is extremely versatile at the table; that premise remains a strong focus for many of our beers. I would suggest a wide variety of seafood dishes from sushi to Thai, or heavier flavors like lamb and olives, or simply hot pretzels with mustard. We crushed a few Classic’s as a team around a table of Martin’s Bar-B-Que a few weeks ago. That was delicious for certain.

Photo Courtesy of Blackberry Farm Brewery

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