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Contributors (Issue 25)

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Sherry Dryja

Sherry is a travel writer, lifelong traveler and taster of life. A reformed cookie scorcher, she now shows others how to avoid kitchen failures, occasionally teaching baking classes and catering small events. To know her is to be recruited as a taste tester for the recipes she develops for The Beer Connoisseur and her blog, Kitchen Dilettante. She and her husband split their time between Seattle and Phoenix with their miniature schnauzer, Lukas.

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Jonathan Ingram

A freelance writer for 32 years before crossing over to the dark side of editing, Jonathan’s original “I Write for Beer” T-shirt was a tie-dyed model. He also enjoys running – yep – for beer. He’s written six books on motor racing, a sport pursued to the ends of the earth because he enjoyed being paid to travel and write stories daily about danger and passionate individualism. A perfect day ended at the nearest emporium holding good food, beer and conversation.

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Lucy Corne

Lucy is a freelance writer specializing in two of life’s finest pleasures: beer and travel. Her itchy feet have taken her to nearly 50 countries across every continent bar Antarctica – and that’s largely because there are no microbreweries there. Lucy has written two books on the South African craft beer scene and also pens a popular blog – www.brewmistress.co.za

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Carolyn Smagalski

A frequent contributor, Carolyn won the Brewers Association's Beer Journalism Award in 2006 for her work on the website BellaOnline, where she is known as "the Beer Fox."

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Carl Kins
An active member of the European Consumers Beer Union, and Zythos, Carl is an international beer judge, an educator, a scholar and a frequent contributor to The Beer Connoisseur.

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Max Bahnson
An Argentine living in Prague since 2002, Max is a translator, beer writer and beer philosopher who is a contributor to the Spanish magazine Bar & Beer, the Czech magazine Pivo, Bier & Ale, and The Beer Connoisseur.

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Dave Clark

Dave is a Certified Cicerone, BJCP Nationally ranked judge, and all around craft beer geek who used to brew professionally at Hoppin' Frog Brewery of Akron, Ohio.  A former President of Cleveland's S.N.O.B. Homebrew club, Dave now lives in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife, daughter, dog Porter, and six tap kegerator.  He enjoys writing, recording and performing music, baseball, skiing and of course, all things craft beer.

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