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Craft Master Growlers Pressurized Growler and Growlveller Review

Craft Master Growlers Pressurized Growler and Growlveller Review

Growlers are one of the most convenient ways to transport large quantities of fresh beer directly from breweries, and the growler market – much like the craft beer market in general – has grown exponentially in recent years. On the beer growlers front, Craft Master Growlers produces some of the most impressive and attractive containers on the market. We recently put the company’s 128-ounce Craft Master CO2 Pressurized Growler and 64-ounce Growlveller through its paces, and the results were nothing short of excellent.

Read on to explore our reviews of these elite beer growlers to see how Craft Master Growlers are “worthy of the word craft.”

Craft Master Growlers

Pressurized Growler Review
Starting off with their flagship pressurized growler, the look of this high-quality beer transporter is easily its most impressive immediate trait. Beyond its stellar craftsmanship, the growler is truly a marvel to behold. Every inch of the 128-ounce Pressurized Growler has been designed with the consumer in mind, yet its aesthetics are also quite beautiful.

Perhaps what sets the Pressurized Growler apart from its brethren is its attention to detail and brilliant design. While many companies have produced growlers that can pump beer directly from the growler, many even with CO2 add-ons, Craft Master’s is the first that truly seems to capture the essence of what getting a beer from a taproom, bar or restaurant means to consumers – that feeling of camaraderie and exploration that can only come from sharing interesting beers with good friends.

The Pressurized Growler comes in two finishes. Brushed is an attractive, muted finish that downplays the metallic aspects of the growler, whereas the mirror finish is so shiny that one could check their hair in it.

The swivel tap is a bright gold color, setting it off from the rest of the growler, and its curvaceous shape makes it an eminently eye-catching addition. Underneath the tap is a sight glass, which allows drinkers to see how much beer is left for them to enjoy within the friendly confines of the growler.

The double-wall insulated growler will keep drinks fresh and cold for hours, but one thing that needs mentioning is just how heavy this thing can get. That’s where the handle comes in.

At 128 ounces of capacity, Craft Master Pressurized Growler can hold 8 pints (roughly a 10-pack of most canned or bottled beer), which can make it seem daunting to lug to and from various breweries. With the bolted-on stainless-steel handle, transporting your brew becomes far easier.

Craft Master Growlers

The 128-ounce Pressurized Growler comes with everything a drinker needs to hop over to your local watering hole and take home your favorite brew for your own enjoyment. A user’s guide is included as are replacement CO2 packs, a quick-start guide and other breweriana.

When I used the 128-ounce Craft Master Pressurized Growler, it utterly lived up to its word that it keeps beverages “fresh, not flat.” Upon filling it up with beer from one of my local favorites, I took it home and enjoyed brewery-fresh suds for two weeks straight. During a global pandemic, it was a godsend.

The beer showed no signs of spoilage or aging during that time, and the final sip tasted identical to the first one imbibed from this tremendous growler.

Perhaps Craft Master says it best themselves: “Each growler is a heavy-duty, bomber-grade piece of equipment that would easily withstand years of abuse in the Food Service industry. With its space saving square shape and swivel tap you can easily store & pour beer & beverages right from your refrigerator door. Simply put, every Craft Master CO2® Growler is an elegant piece of equipment that will keep your beverages fresh and last a lifetime.”

Craft Master Growlers also offers engraving for an additional fee on its growlers, which we used to add our own logo to it. This engraving option is a perfect gift option for devoted craft beer fans that want to literally “make their mark” on whatever beer they decide to drink.

Craft Master Growlers

Growlveller Review
Beyond the 128-ounce Craft Master Pressurized Growler, we also received a 64-ounce Growlveller lightweight Eco Travel Growler in our package.

Though the square shape of the 128-ounce growler makes it far easier to store in cramped refrigerators than typically cylindrical large growlers, the Growlveller is a far better option for craft beer fans that enjoy sampling different styles more frequently, as it holds half the amount that the larger Pressurized Growler can.

The Growlveller looks far more similar to other growlers, though its attractive stainless-steel exterior embossed with the Craft Master logo sets it apart from the crowd.

Instead of the curvaceous tap handle of the larger 128-ounce growler, the Growlveller dispenses its beer with a hose. Despite that difference, beers from the Growlveller still poured perfectly foamy directly from  the growler even after being transported (and bumped and jostled) to an outdoor area for a little socially distanced family get-together.

Craft Master Growlers

Similar to its “big brother,” the Growlveller came with a wide variety of accessories and reading materials to make sure consumers are getting the most out of their growler, and it certainly helped this writer feel comfortable using it.

Craft Master Growlers produces top-of-the-line growlers that can serve up brewery-fresh beers from the comfort of your own home. Not only are they functional, but the 128-ounce Pressurized Growler in particular makes for a stunning piece of design and would not be out of place in an upscale bar or restaurant.

Add in the fact that it keeps beers fresh and can produce the perfect level of foam, and you’re dealing with a growler that’s a cut above the rank and file.

The Pressurized Growler comes in a variety of different sizes and can be purchased with or without a tap. The Growlveller only comes in one size (64 ounces) but can be bought in different colors.

Beyond these options, the brewery offers a wide variety of accessories to their growlers and ample customization can be included with the Pressurized Growler so consumers get exactly what they’re looking for in a growler.

For more details on Craft Master Growlers, head to their website.

Craft Master Growlers