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What Is DDH Beer?

If you have spent any time recently in a brewery taproom or any number of beer destinations throughout the country, you may have noticed three little letters next to more and more offerings: DDH.

Those three letters stand for “Double Dry Hopped” and have become affixed to styles across the board, but most notable is the domination of DDH IPAs increasingly being poured. These days breweries are building their brands on the uber-hype that comes along with nearly anything they release labeled as Double Dry Hopped. Some breweries have built their business on eager lines of customers extending around the building filled with beer lovers clamoring for a one-off release that received the briefest mention on social media with that attractive term DDH.

Sometimes, these fans willingly hand over $20 to $30 for a single four-pack! With all of this demand, and the constant brewery one-upmanship taking place throughout the beer industry, the question arises: is Double Dry Hopped an organic marketing term or a truly new dominant style?

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