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From the Editor (Issue 35)

It’s that time again! The Beer Connoisseur is back with its Spring Issue, and, as always, we have all the brew that’s fit to drink.

Our coverage ranges far and wide in this issue, as we start off by traveling over to Stone Brewing Co.’s new Stone Brewing Berlin location. Owen Ogletree speaks with Stone Berlin head brewer Thomas Tyrell about the challenges and benefits of brewing singular, hop-focused beers in Germany’s staid beer culture – ruled over with an iron fist by the rigid Reinheitsgebot.

Next up we have some more industry-focused pieces; one looking behind and one looking ahead. First up is analysis of 2017 Beer Sales via IRI Worldwide’s expansive market research. How did macro acquisitions affect the numbers? What styles were big sellers? What styles were not? We have it all for you within.

We follow that with a more forward-seeking article regarding the possible trends in the restaurant industry going into 2018. Capped by an in-depth discussion with Flying Saucer Draught Emporium’s founder Keith Schlabs, we explore what these hot trends mean for craft beer.

Have you ever wondered how hop usage affects your favorite beer style? What about why Mosaic has been such a popular hop in recent years? Tiffany Koebel has you covered in Hop Science, a far-reaching and technical look at those joyous cones of lupulin (and what makes the beer world go ‘round): Hops.

Jim Dykstra explains The Prestige of Kwak, the fascinating Belgian Ale from Brouwerij Bosteels that’s served in the most singular glass in the beer world – and perhaps the beverage world at large.

We also have the Top 20 U.S. Beer Festivals for Beer Geeks as well as Popular Beer Measurements, from nip cans to wood barrels.

Lastly, we take a trip to the dark side by looking at 17 Beers for Whiskey Advocates, most of which are thick, pitch black Imperial Stouts that have spent time in whiskey barrels of some form. Bring your best hangover cure, as these boozy beauties are strong but also complex and engaging – just like any good whiskey.

Of course, an issue wouldn't be complete without our expert beer reviews, and we have plenty this time around as well as corresponding Brewer Q&As.

With all those stories and features, you’ll have plenty of time to grab a snifter (or growler or pint can) and imbibe while you read.

We hope you enjoy Issue 35 of The Beer Connoisseur.