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From the Editor (Issue 36)

Chris Guest, managing editor of The Beer Connoisseur
Chris Guest, managing editor of The Beer Connoisseur

As temperatures finally begin to creep upwards, it is once again time for another May/June issue of The Beer Connoisseur! Moving on from spring, this issue serves as a bridge between the defrosting of spring and the freeing, sultry summer months.

With that in mind, we’ve got plenty of fascinating stories to slake your thirst as you await the opening of your neighborhood pool.

Issue #36 of The Beer Connoisseur has all the brew that’s fit to drink, headlined by a conversation with craft beer founding father Jim Koch of Boston Beer Co. regarding the company’s Brewing the American Dream initiative, which helps burgeoning craft breweries and other small businesses get the boost they need to succeed in today’s extremely competitive market.

Beyond that, we profile the new brewing heritage in Austin, Texas, as three storied brands with interesting backgrounds – Celis, Uncle Billy’s and Pedernales – are creating a craft beer landscape in the heart of Texas that combines history, local loyalty and tasty brews.

We then head northward to New England with Seth Levy, who offers up the finest combinations of New England Burgers and Beer, showcasing the best examples of regional burgers paired with excellent craft brews from the region.

Jim Dykstra drops in to defend the downtrodden and put-upon American Light Lager style. Despite being the best-selling style in the U.S. and perhaps the singular style that people think of when they hear the word “beer,” craft beer fans scoff at this difficult-to-brew and neutral-flavored style.

After that, we have a trio of enlightening education pieces. First, Josh Weikert explains the differences between Sour and Wild Ales and offers some stylistic examples of each. Then Josh returns with an in-depth discussion of How to Host the Best Beer-Tasting Party that will keep attendees entertained and engaged.

Finally Jason Johnson delves into the topic of How to Cellar Beer – running through every aspect and element of what makes a successful beer cellar as well as what styles age the best.

Beyond that, we have the usual Beer Reviews, Brewer Q&As and Industry News coverage that you’ve come to expect from us.

So without further ado, I give you Issue #36 of The Beer Connoisseur.


-- Chris Guest