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From the Editor (Issue 41)

From the Editor (Issue 41)

It’s that time again when trees are budding, birds are singing, and the first vestiges of spring are beginning to make their appearance throughout nature.

Of course, a new season means another new edition of The Beer Connoisseur magazine as well!

This Spring 2019, Issue 41 edition of The Beer Connoisseur is chock-full of beery goodness and plenty of interesting stories to imbibe.

First up is a mammoth undertaking by Pat Evans, as he ranks all 50 states by the best beer – taking into account important metrics like breweries per capita, economic impact of beer and more.

Then, Ryan Newhouse explores the 5 best beers to enjoy if you’re practicing the strict keto diet, which aims to cut out carbohydrates almost completely.

Beyond that, a trio of education pieces are featured starting with The History of Samuel Adams Utopias, the famed barrel-aged, 20+ percent ABV creation of The Boston Beer Co. Next is an in-depth piece defining and outlining the differences between India Pale Ales and American Pale Ales.

Lastly, Martyn Cornell goes in-depth with one of the most famous beers and breweries in the world: Guinness. Martyn examines the hundreds of years of history surrounding this brewery, with detailed descriptions of brewing processes, the history of various beers and much more.

Beyond that, we have the complete guide to beer holidays from National Bock Beer Day to Crush a Can Day, and two interesting industry-focused pieces based on sales data from 2018. These stories look ahead to this year while also exploring some notable figures from the changing sales landscape.

Of course, you can find our usual beer review, brewer Q&A and industry news sections as well – culminating in an issue with all the brew that’s fit to drink.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy this 41st installment of The Beer Connoisseur.


-- Chris Guest, Managing Editor