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From the Editor (Issue 59)


From the Editor (Issue 59)

Temperatures are starting to creep in my neck of the woods, which can only mean one thing (in the context of my bimonthly From the Editor stories, at least): it's time for a new issue of The Beer Connoisseur Magazine!

In this instance, spring is decidedly on the horizon, so we're shaking off the icy grip of winter and preparing for sunnier and (hopefully) warmer climes in the coming months.

This issue, as always, is jam-packed with plenty of terrific stories about beer and brewing. First off is a story about the important mission of TRU Colors, a brewery in Wilmington, North Carolina that is devoted to ending gang violence by empowering and uplifting underserved communities via job opportunities in brewing.

We also have a rather intriguing Independent Brewer Survey: The Impact of Corporate Acquisitions on Craft Brewing. This story provides some context from high-level brewers about acquisitions and how they affect the industry on a macro and micro level.

Clayton Schuster is back and provides a detailed piece on the return of Hot Beer (or mulled beer), or beer that is heated up and served at warm/hot temperatures and dosed with spices.

If you like adding a fun, competitive edge to your beery get-togethers, Jim Dykstra's 8 Fun Drinking Games for Beer Lovers is sure to whet your appetite for wetting your whistle by providing some enjoyable games to play at your next gathering.

Owen Ogletree and Ron Watt co-author a story on the 15 Breweries with Amazing Outdoor Spaces, spanning the globe as they provide you with the top locales to soak up the sun while supping on a lovely pint.

That isn't the only travel story in this issue, as we feature a Beer Lover's Guide to Asheville Breweries, a city that likely holds the title of best beer town in the South, as well as a brewery tour of Wallenpaupack Brewing Co. in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy this 59th edition of The Beer Connoisseur Magazine!


Chris Guest
-Managing Editor

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