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From the Editor, Issue 72

From the Editor, Issue 72

And we’re back! It’s time again for a brand-spanking-new issue of The Beer Connoisseur magazine, and we couldn’t be happier to bring it to you.

The issue kicks off with an intriguing opinion piece from longtime contributor Jim Dykstra, who ponders the fallout of Monster Beverage Corp.’s purchase of famed craft beer conglomerate CANarchy last year. “Monster Brewing” was recently named a top ten “craft brewery” in the U.S. by the Brewers Association, which doesn’t sit right with our writer.

Cooling off from that incendiary story is our Beer Recommendations for Early Summer 2024, which feature a bevy of easy-drinkers ranging from fruit beers to lagers. These famed summer sippers are sure to be the perfect accompaniment to the early days of summertime.

Following that is a fun story about Asheville, North Carolina, which stands out as the best beer city in the South. Featuring a plethora of top-rated breweries and myriad beer festivals and events, Asheville has something for everyone, as long as that something you’re looking for is beer-related!

Heading further north, that story leads into a detailed brewery tour of one of the most important and popular breweries in Massachusetts: Charlton, MA’s Tree House Brewing Co. As a brewery that’s been on the forefront of the hazy IPA movement, Tree House continues to innovate across its five locations – including a cider house in Connecticut.

Then, it’s time for an updated treatise on How to Take Beer on a Plane. While it might sound like a bad idea right off the bat, packing beer in your checked luggage is actually a safe and secure way to take beer home with you after a long trip. I’ve personally done it multiple times with no issue; just make sure you’ve got plenty of padding and a plastic bag or two!

Farmhouse ale is an unusual style – and technically an “unofficial” one per the BJCP – and our Farmhouse Ale story explores its origins, characteristics, food pairings, flavors and much, much more. Definitely check out this story if you’ve ever been intrigued by the catch-all “farmhouse ale” term.

Our final story is an educational piece about the Kölsch style, which is the perfect beer style for late spring and early summer. Smooth, flavorful and begging for quick quaffs, make sure to keep this style in your fridge for yard work or just hanging out with friends and family.

Of course, the issue wouldn’t be complete without our standard Industry News, Official Reviews and Brewer Q&A and this issue is no different.

We thank you for reading Issue #72 of The Beer Connoisseur magazine!


Chris Guest
- Managing Editor


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