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From the Editors (Issue 25)

Summer always seems to be the perfect time to enjoy the glorious beverage that is beer. Temperatures are up, inhibitions are down and the finest suds are just an arm’s length away… what more could you ask for? Well, how about the 25th issue of The Beer Connoisseur!

Hazy, New England-style IPAs are trending, and we get the scoop with one of their originators Nate Lanier of Tree House Brewing. Then we travel to the Lone Star state for a chat with wild ale expert Jeffrey Stuffings, the affable and knowledgeable founder and head brewer at Jester King Brewery.

Coopering, or the art of making and maintaining spirit barrels, is our cover story this issue, as we delve into the history and intricacy of this artistic pursuit.

Dave Clark takes a trip to Arizona Wilderness, a beautiful craft beer oasis in the desert that’s no mirage. Lucy Corne’s South Africa story charts the rise of craft beer in a macro-dominated landscape, and Sherry Dryja is back with a beer picnic that’s sure to make even the dullest family gathering a raucous occasion.

Jonathan Ingram cruises to Hinchtown with its founder, James Hinchcliffe, a decorated Indy Car racer who has collaborated with Flat 12 Bierwerks on various craft brews.

All of the usual coverage is here as well: Our expert, single-blind beer reviews featuring a whopping 49 beers with scores of 91 and above along with corresponding Q & As, the lowdown on terrific beer fests nationwide and many tasty summertime new releases to wet your whistle.

We get our hands on Fizzics, the fascinating home draft system that uses soundwaves to provide perfect, taproom-ready pours from your countertop, then revel in our geekiness with The Beer Geek Handbook, a hilarious and engaging guide on how to live “a life ruled by beer.”

So pop open a cold one and pop a squat by the pool with phone or tablet in hand and enjoy this, the summer issue of The Beer Connoisseur!

- Chris and Jim

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