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Fall 2017, Issue 32

Fall 2017, Issue 32
Fall 2017, Issue 32

In the wake of recent natural disasters, a couple things have become apparent. For one, these trials are a chance for everyone to set aside certain differences and squabbles and come together. Second, beyond the essentials – food, water, shelter, electricity – beer is one of the most important things required to ride out a storm. Reading material helps too.

Luckily, we combine them both. We hope that Fall Issue, #32 of The Beer Connoisseur helps you look on the bright side while you enjoy one or more beers and face whatever nature throws your way.

We've seen breweries big and small doing their part to send aid to affected areas, and it serves as a great reminder that beer is about community, more than anything.

Stay safe friends, and enjoy Fall 2017, Issue 32!

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