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Fall 2019, Issue 44 Has Arrived!

Fall 2019, Issue 44 Has Arrived!

As pumpkin beers begin to infiltrate bottle shop shelves all over, that means it's time for a new issue of The Beer Connoisseur!

Our Fall 2019, Issue 44 features all the brew that’s fit to drink with a variety of stories on myriad topics that should wet your whistle while educating and inspiring you.

We got the ball rolling with a few lists that should hold your attention. First up is Jessica Zimmer covering The World’s Strongest Beers, featuring multiple ultra-high ABV contents that must be sipped like a fine whiskey or cognac.

Then, Kristen Kuchar explores the importance of facial hair to the brewing community with Big Beards in Beer, which features multiple interviews with some of the men behind the best beards in the brewing business.

Following that is the next entry in our series of “Top Places to Drink” in multiple landmark locations. In this issue, I wrote about a recent trip to London, England – which led to a plethora of tremendous places to imbibe a brew with Top 20 Places to Drink Beer in London.

Our issues always aim to educate our readers, and this Fall Issue is no different. Owen Ogletree gives readers an Introduction to Mead, while Pat Evans sits down with 3 Impactful Beer Social Media Influencers to discuss what they do and how it affects the industry.

Then, Jonathan Ingram explores the possibility of another craft beer bubble forming under our very noses in Is the Craft Beer Bubble About to Burst?, while Jim Dykstra offers up the Editor’s Pick: European Beer Tour Companies.

Lastly, David Nilsen closes us out with an Urban Artifact Brewery Tour, which is housed in the former St. Aloysius Catholic Church – a striking location that serves as a venerable spot to enjoy a finely crafted ale.

Of course, this issue features our usual beer review, brewer Q&As and industry news, and we hope you enjoy this, Issue #44 of The Beer Connoisseur Magazine!


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