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Top 20 Places to Drink Beer in London

London is one of the greatest cities in the world. Replete with a storied history and a vibrant populace, England’s capital is also home to some of the finest establishments for enjoying a beer. Read on to explore the top 20 places to drink beer in London.

England’s capital is home to some of the finest drinking establishments in the world from centuries-old public houses to sparkling new taprooms that have sprung up all over the metropolis.

While a crisp gin and tonic still might be the most recognizable current beverage for Anglophiles around the world, pubs are better known for their selection of British ales and lagers – as well as the local craft flavor of choice.

On this list of the top 20 places to drink beer in London, you’ll find a variety of different watering holes, including some notable landmarks dotted across London’s striking skyline. There are also multiple historically significant pubs, a few newer craft breweries as well as one notable storied brewery that’s called London home for over 170 years.

Read on to explore The Beer Connoisseur’s list of The Top 20 Places to Drink Beer in London.

(Disclaimer: This list is not in best-to-worst order, as all of these establishments are equally worthy of  visiting should you find yourself in the great city of London.)

Anchor Bankside

We’ve covered The Anchor Bankside pub on London’s South Bank before in our Four Historic London Pubs story, but a trip to the megalopolis wouldn’t be complete without a stroll alongside the timeless River Thames and a delectable brew at The Anchor Bankside. While this storied pub is almost always packed to the gills, if you’re quick, you can nab a spot in the outdoor seating area with views of the Thames in the shadow of the Southwark Bridge. A mere six-minute walk from the tourist-laden Millennium Bridge and a stone’s throw from Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, imbibing a brew at Anchor Bankside stands out as a highlight of the top 20 places to drink beer in London.

Image Courtesy Chris Guest

Waterloo Tap

A hidden gem with 26 taps of high-quality suds located under the arches of the Golden Jubilee and Hungerford Bridges, this low-key taproom with complementing neon sign featured brews from Kernel Brewery, Five Points Brewery, Siren, Budvar, Schofferhofer, Redemption Brewery, Weihenstephaner, Bloomsbury Brewing and many more. Waterloo Tap stands a few steps away from (fittingly) Waterloo Station – meaning multiples of Siren’s Guava Script Berliner Weisse or Castilian Lemon Cheesecake Sour IPA can be imbibed with little worry of transporting oneself home.

Image Courtesy Chris Guest

Market Hall Fulham

Housed in an “ornate and well-preserved Edwardian underground station” and less than a block away from the modern Fulham Broadway underground station sits Market Hall Fulham, which is home to multiple eateries such as Made of Dough, a modern pizza spot that offers pizzas on Tuesdays for 5 pounds, Ahi Poke, a poke bowl specialist spot and Butchies, which produces some of the best fried chicken in London. Atop the hall is a rooftop terrace where intrepid beer fans can imbibe brews as they look out across the city. A splendid spot.

Beavertown Brewery

One of the most well-known recent craft breweries in London is Beavertown Brewery, which produces well-known English craft brews such as Neck Oil Session IPA and Gamma Ray Pale Ale. Founded by Logan Plant, son of the legendary lead singer of Led Zeppelin Robert Plant, in the Lockwood Industrial Park, Beavertown represents one of the most notable destination breweries in all of London for craft beer fans of every stripe.

Beer Merchants Tap

A physical extension of, Beer Merchants Tap was founded in 2018 to serve as the best beer selection in London. The Stratford-based taproom, bottle shop and blendery certainly has a case. With scintillating style experiments from Pilot, Cloudwater Brew Co. and Omnipollo in the rotation – which changes rapidly – this is one spot not to be missed and easily one of the top 20 places to drink beer in London.

The Earl of Essex

A craft beer drinker’s paradise located in north London in the neighborhood of Islington, The Earl of Essex is surely worth a sojourn if you’re looking to delve into a tremendous beer menu. Though limited to only 20 taps, the pub also offers myriad bottles of brew from around the world, including various American craft favorites such as Almanac, Modern Times and American Solera. Also on offer are sharing bottles of rare brews such as Lambics, Imperial Stouts and more. E of E also provides a robust Gin & Tonic list so non-beer drinkers will be spoilt for choice as well.

Fenchurch Restaurant and Darwin Brasserie at the SkyGarden

On the top floors of London’s now-iconic “walkie talkie” building, or 20 Fenchurch Street officially, are two tremendous opportunities to take in the sweeping views of London from 36 floors up while dining on refined cuisine with a refreshing, thirst-quenching brew nearby. Tickets to the SkyGarden are free but limited and reservations for the restaurant or brasserie are a must.

Image Courtesy Chris Guest


The Euston Tap

The Euston Tap Craft Beer House is located in a Victorian station gatehouse in the Euston Square Gardens in the Saint Pancras neighborhood. In close proximity to Russell Square, the British Museum, University College London and King’s Cross/St. Pancras station makes this a rather easy spot to traverse when looking for craft beer destinations in London. With 47 taps of some of the freshest beer in the city, this picturesque locale – replete with verdant beer gardens in Euston Square – makes for one of the lushest and most enjoyable spots for beer drinkers in London.

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