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Fall 2021, Issue 56 Has Arrived!

Fall 2021, Issue 56 Has Arrived!

With crisp air, bejeweled foliage and the holidays right around the corner, it's time for a new issue of The Beer Connoisseur!

This issue will fill you up like your favorite autumn seasonal – whether it be a Marzen, Oktoberfest or Pumpkin beer – though instead of suds, we’re providing ample beer knowledge and a heaping helping of interesting and engaging stories that are sure to wet your whistle.

Leading off Issue #56 is Jim Dykstra by providing a list of 13 Great Atlanta Beer Bars that are sure to draw beer drinkers in like moths to a flame. 

Then, Kristen Kuchar provides a list of 17 Intriguing Wine Barrel-Aged Beers, showcasing the fact that beers aren’t just made for whiskey, bourbon or rum barrels these days.

Following that, Jessica Zimmer tees off on the fascinating topic of Fruit Smoothie Beers – a delectable style that has exploded in popularity in recent years due to the immense fruiting quotient that breweries can explore within the style.

For the next piece, Matt Simpson canvased numerous social media platforms in order to answer 10 questions that are sure to keep beer drinkers entertained and amused while also allaying their confusion.

Dionne Roberts is up next with a story about Cooking with Beer, providing three delectable dishes with our favorite beverage as a main ingredient. Yum!

David Kriso is back in Issue 56 with his Ultimate Fall New England Beer Road Trip, which traverses numerous destination breweries in one of the most picturesque regions in America – especially when the foliage begins to change color during autumn.

Lastly, Pat Evans closes the issue out by exploring Craft Beer in Louisiana, detailing a number of the most intriguing breweries in the state including Gnarly Barley, Urban South, Parish, Low Road and more!

And that does it! We hope you enjoy this issue of The Beer Connoisseur!


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