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Fall 2023, Issue 68

Fall 2023, Issue 68

Welcome beer lovers! Explore scintillating stories about beer's ancient origins in Sumeria, discover some of the famous beer drinkers in history, learn everything you need to know about hops and much more.

Hello readers and welcome, once again, to another edition of The Beer Connoisseur magazine!

Want to know who brewed the first recorded beer? Check out our Ancient Origins: Beer's Mesopotamian Beginnings story. Sumerians started the tradition of beer brewing and drinking around 4000 BCE! Modern brewers have also started to explore using those historical recipes in recent years.

Beer has been made famous by many celebrity drinkers over the years, and our Famous Beer Drinkers in History story showcases the most notable beer fans ever. Where else on the internet will you find a story that features legendary British monarch Queen Elizabeth I right next to MLB Hall of Fame third baseman Wade Boggs?!

There’s nothing like a good cocktail to help ring in a new season. Perhaps you should Embrace Autumn with These Delectable Cocktail Creations thanks to a terrific story features intriguing autumn cocktails such as a Maple Bacon Bourbon Old Fashioned, a Pumpkin Spice White Russian, a Mulled Wine Martini and many more. Happy drinking!

With autumn approaching, beautiful vistas of kaleidoscopic tree color will be found across the country and around the world. Why not take in those striking views with a beer, wine or other tipple in hand? Our story about Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries with Amazing Scenic Views will aid you in that endeavor. You’re sure to find an unforgettable view near you on this enlightening list.

Ever wanted to entertain guests at your home but didn’t know a good drinking game? Our 13 Fun Drinking Games for Beer Lovers story is for you. From fun standards like beer pong and beer die to more far-flung options like tower and fuzzy duck, these drinking games will have you and your guests enthralled by the spirit of camaraderie and competition.

The issue concludes with a smorgasbord of educational pieces: The Complete Truth About the Origins of IPAEverything You Need to Know About Hops (And Much More)The Most Popular Beer Sizes in Cans, Glasses, Kegs and More and Beer's Vital Stats: ABV, IBU, SRM, OG (And Other Useful Info). These stories aim to provide some tremendously important information to both beer connoisseurs and neophytes alike.


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