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Five High-Scoring Beers to Try This Fall

Beer reviews of five terrific brews for the autumn season.

Five High-Scoring Beers to Try This Fall

Every month, our judges review a bevy of brews from breweries around the world. Though we post each review and highlight them in our Official Review article in each issue, and we detail the highest-scoring beers in our year-end Beer in Review winter edition at the start of each new year, we usually let the reviews do the talking.

Beginning with our Summer Issue #61, we will be highlighting some of the most interesting and high-scoring beers our judges reviewed recently, with the caveat that they must have attained a rating of either World Class (100-96) or Exceptional (95-91).

Read on to explore our selections for our Fall 2022, Issue 62!

Japanese Style Lager by Upslope Brewing

Japanese Style Lager – Rated 94
Upslope Brewing Co.
Boulder, CO

A zesty and interesting lager style that would be a perfect pint in early fall’s warmer temperatures across some of the United States or the cooling temperatures elsewhere on the continent. Brewed with flaked rice, this delicately effervescent lager delivers an engaging, snappy bitterness as well as an extremely dry finish – inviting the drinker to keep on sipping!

Alpha Abstraction Vol. 21 by Wild Leap Brewing

Alpha Abstraction Vol. 21 – Rated 95
Wild Leap Brew Co.
LaGrange, GA

This is one beer that might not last too long into the autumn! This rotating series from our 2021 Brewery of the Year focuses on a specific hop varietal for each release. This 21st version of the brewery’s hazy, juicy and stupendously drinkable DIPA features the Idaho Gem varietal – proving that state isn’t just for potatoes anymore.

Extremely drinkable and quite complex, this beer (unsurprisingly) foregrounds its hoppiness. IPAs are always in season, so if you can find this terrific DIPA in September or October, you should jump at the chance. (Although Volume 22 likely won’t be far behind!)

Bob’s 47 Oktoberfest by Boulevard Brewing

Bob’s 47 Oktoberfest – Rated 91
Boulevard Brewing Co.
Kansas City, MO

Boulevard Brewing Co. in Kansas City, Missouri has long been a standard-bearer of high-quality suds, and this seasonal release continues that quality long into the autumn months. Mild grainy elements, subtly sweet graham cracker notes and just a whiff of cinnamon provide this beer with a luscious aroma.

Our judges thought quite highly of this märzen, claiming that it “displays the classic character of its Germanic antecedents while showing off some Midwestern swagger.”

Bomb! by Prairie Artisan Ales

Bomb! – Rated 98
Prairie Artisan Ales
Oklahoma City, OK

What’s a list of highly regarded beers without a boozy, adjunct-filled imperial stout? Nowheres, I say. As such, this widely available imperial stout tops out our list in terms of score – as it notched a whopping 98 way back in 2016 when it was reviewed.

With an astounding ingredient list featuring espresso beans, chocolate, vanilla beans and (even more interestingly) ancho chili peppers, this beer is the perfect combination of sweet, heat, mouthfeel and booziness that will pair perfectly with whatever fall activity you have lined up. Just make sure you have a designated driver!

Samuel Adams Boston Lager by The Boston Beer Company

Samuel Adams Boston Lager – Rated 92
The Boston Beer Co.
Boston, MA

One of the most famous craft beers of all time, this easy-drinking Vienna lager should be well-known to our readers. However, being well known isn’t a detriment! This beer is just as thirst-quenching and flavorful now as it was when it debuted way back in 1985.

With quality standards this high, it’s no wonder that Jim Koch remains one of the most important figures in craft beer and brewing. The beer that started it all remains a true gem – it’s a classic for a reason.

Photos Courtesy Respective Breweries

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