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From the Editors (Issue 26)

Despite the fact that autumn technically won’t begin for another 10 days, please enjoy this, the Fall Issue of The Beer Connoisseur! We’ve got all the usual coverage, including a spectacular review of Tree House Brewing’s King JJJuliusss Double IPA, which is one of a record-breaking eight (8!) World-Class beer reviews in this issue.

We learn at the feet of Chad Yakobson, mad scientist/head brewer at Crooked Stave, in Jonathan Ingram’s The Mixed-Culture Master then head south to hear Red Hare Brewing Company’s head brewer Bobby Thomas talk about its 4th-place finish at the U.S. Open Beer Championships as well as a beer inspired by an orange creamsicle.

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Starting with choice stories from Issue 25, we will be sending full articles to all of our subscribers and Premium Members via email. This streamlines the process, allowing our readers to simply open up an email and read entire articles with no finicky clicking, distracting collapsible menus or miniscule thumbnails on a phone’s screen.

Featuring the vivid images, fascinating subjects and excellent writing that you’ve come to expect from The Beer Connoisseur, we feel that this is the best way to deliver our fans and readers the quality content that we produce.

So enjoy the articles now online, or sit back and await the stories in full in your inbox – it’s up to you! We are but humble connoisseurs, sipping eternally scrumptious craft brews and serving up stories on all the brew that’s fit to drink.

– Chris & Jim


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