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Industry News (Issue 20)

Kim Jordan Steps Down as New Belgium CEO

New Belgium CEO Kim Jordan Beer ConnoisseurA quarter-century after co-founding New Belgium, Kim Jordan is stepping down from her position as CEO.

Jordan will retain a role in the employee-owned company as executive chair of New Belgium’s Board of Directors, allowing her to focus on “long-term strategy and vision”, including the New Belgium Family Foundation, which she co-founded in 2012.

“I have been doing this for 25 years,” Jordan said. “This kind of transition is inevitable and we think it is better to plan for it, rather than wait until people are absolutely burnt out.”

Taking the place of CEO will be Christine Perich, a 15-year veteran of New Belgium who has served as CFO, COO and President. Perich will focus on “short-term strategy, leading the executive team, industry leadership and running day-to-day operations,” according to Jordan.

“After spending the past 15 years as a part of the New Belgium team, I am incredibly excited for this opportunity,” Perich said in a statement. “With Kim’s continued guidance as Executive Chair and the strength of our management team, I feel very confident in our ability to drive the business forward while honoring all the fundamental elements that have made New Belgium so successful.”

Since New Belgium’s conception, it has grown to be the fourth-largest brewery in the U.S. according to the Brewer’s Association, and produces almost a million barrels of beer a year.

“With Christine’s years of experience as CFO, COO and President, she is abundantly qualified to step into this position,” said Jordan. “I have complete faith in her ability. We’re excited for this next chapter in our collective history.” 



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