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May/June 2019, Issue 42

It’s that time again! We have all the brew that’s fit to drink in Issue 42, including our headlining story: Our Top 104 Beers of All Time. This list spans the history of our publication and features a whopping tally of 104 beers that were bestowed with a “World Class” rating of 96 or above by our judges.

Then, Jim Dykstra delves into the wonderful world of beer in sports stadiums in the United States – providing the list of the best stadiums for beer across all professional sports leagues. Then, Jay Brooks speaks with the inventor of the Brut IPA style to provide a definition of the burgeoning IPA spin-off in What is Brut IPA?

Furthermore, Seth Levy elucidates The Difference Between Saison and Farmhouse Ale, Jessie O’Brien explores The Rise of Rosé Beers and Malika Bowling offers up some Tips for Aging Beer for those looking to start cellaring their brews or expanding their existing collection.

Lastly, Jonathan Ingram looks at the statistics and future of the Top 50 Breweries in the U.S., and Ryan Newhouse finishes up the issue with a deliciously smoky story regarding pairing the delightful flavors of barbecue with smoked beers in Pairing Barbecue with Smoked Beer.

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Top 104 Beers of All Time
We organized the best of the best throughout the entire history of The Beer Connoisseur in one list. Who's number one? Find out within! 

Best US Sports Stadiums for Beer
There exists a special, magical connection between a nice brew and sporting events. Jim Dykstra outlines the best stadiums in the United States in terms of beer quality and pricing.

What is Brut IPA?
Jay Brooks defines one of the most popular recent innovations in the IPA style by interviewing its creator.



The Difference Between Saison and Farmhouse Ale
Seth Levy dissects the knotty difference in nomenclature between the Saison style and its sometimes synonymous Farmhouse Ale name.

The Rise of Rosé Beers
With beer drinkers looking for more and more sessionable and easy-drinking options, the burgeoning Rosé beer style is gaining ground. What is its history and future?

Tips for Aging Beer
Malika Bowling chimes in with a nifty guide for the best practices if you're trying to age beers for the first time.





Exploring the Top 50 Breweries
An in-depth look at the present and future of the Brewers Association's Top 50 Breweries, as well as changes within since 2017.

Pairing Barbecue with Smoked Beer
While one can sometimes have too much of a good thing, smoked beer with barbecue does not fall into that category. Ryan Newhouse provides you a guide to comparing the ultra-smoky flavors of both.



Official Review
Single-blind reviews from our panel of experts. Featuring Southern Tier Swipe Light, Arches Mystik Bock, Wild Leap OG: Cascade and more!

Brewer Q & A
Brewers share secrets of their highest-scoring beers.

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