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The Most Interesting Man In The World

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The Most Interesting Man In The World

When it comes to being interesting, there is one man that does it better than anyone else. He is a man who needs no introduction, as his exploits and adventures are known the world over. His derring-do and bold attitude are the envy of men everywhere and his weathered good looks and boundless charisma stoke the desires of women everywhere. He is… The New Most Interesting Man In The World.

We know, we know, the original Most Interesting Man (MIM) was a velvet-voiced man clad in a smoking jacket with a list of exploits as impressive as his abilities as a foremost paramour. He was an extremely beloved character that many people are sad to say farewell to, but the winds of change often serve as a fickle and capricious mistress, changing things at her fancy with little to no regard for what anyone thinks.

Such is the case with The Most Interesting Man In The World. Over the summer, he embarked on his most interesting and life-changing adventure yet: he traveled to Mars in order to bring new levels of interesting-ness to a planet where nothing much has happened just yet – though the first MIM hopes to change that.

With the original MIM taking his talents to the starry void of outer space – enjoying an astral apotheosis and making our neighbor planet a far more interesting place – he left behind some massive shoes to fill, shoes that cause all who gaze upon them to always “stay thirsty.”

This month, however, someone has stepped into those shoes. Just as Agent 007, James Bond, always has a successor lined up to step into that role, no matter their age or time frame, so too does The Most Interesting Man In The World.

A new MIM has been found! With all the style and panache of the original, our new hero “is redefining the life well lived – while still living it,” according to a press release from his beer of choice, Dos Equis.



Now that the new Most Interesting Man has dispelled some of your fears, let’s step back and take a look at him. Much like his predecessor, the new MIM has the same weather-beaten, time-hewn good looks that the first MIM presented, but in a different way. The first thing that is apparent about the new MIM is that he is much younger than his predecessor. He is tall, with an athletic build that’s fitting for a man who, amongst his innumerable other talents, is also regarded as one of the greatest sportsman of all time (we’ll get to that in a moment).

His aquiline nose sniffs out the coolest of endeavors, his perfect hair always sits just right and his beard was once called amazing by Zeus himself (going so far as to say “by the beard of the most interesting man in the world!”).

The new MIM can speak all languages, as well as some languages that haven’t even been discovered yet. As his website explains, the new MIM “knows how to immediately integrate himself into various populations. In Antarctica, a continent with no actual indigenous people, he’s considered a local. He’s a respected authority on culture among Aboriginal Australians, the oldest culture on Earth.”

Our new hero follows the beat of his own drummer, and answers to no one. When given a choice between two paths, he creates his own. If 100 people were to ask him what his occupation is, his answer would be different for each one, though his one true nemesis is the office cubicle. For him, the destination is the journey.

He is an expert on cuisine, as well as romance. On that front, he thinks second dates are far more important than first impressions, and “he’s been known to help recalibrate the love lives of the most average Joes with fresh ideas – he knows the most romantic date spots in any city, town, or village.”

In the first video released of the new Most Interesting Man’s exploits, he is shown piloting airboats, throwing knives in perfect harmony with a beautiful woman, splitting melons in half with his bare hands and fetching a lost soccer ball from the bottom of a well. That last one must’ve brought back some memories for our new hero, as his sporting skills are second to none.



He was born as a perfect athlete, mastering all of the major sports in succession starting with soccer. His play was elegant and inventive and “legends of the game lauded his technique and secretly emulated his skills.” After soccer, the other football (American football) was his next triumph, and following that, he swiftly ascended the ranks of all the major sports – basketball, baseball and even cricket were no match for The Most Interesting Man In The World.

In an exclusive new quote from the new Most Interesting Man in the World, BC asked if there were any adventures he would like to share with us. His response was surprising and fascinating:

"I have plenty, but for the sake of both your readers time as well as your own, I’ll only share my most recent. I introduced the Canadian tradition of pond hockey to a small village in Harju County located in northern Estonia. While their stickhandling needs some fine-tuning, their footwork is quite noteworthy."

Through all of his success in the sporting world, perhaps his most amazing feat was realizing that “if winning comes easy, you’re in the wrong game.” So after besting all comers in every sport he ever came across, the new MIM found that the quest for new challenges and new experiences was the greatest sport of all. “It’s a sport where winning means inspiring others.” The world of sports began to be less important to him than helping others discover exciting new places and experiences, so now, “life is his sport, and he’s everyone’s favorite head coach.”

The specifics of the new MIM’s past is shrouded in mystery, as there are so many successes and adventures that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all. However, travel has always been a major part of this great man’s life. He has traveled the world starting from a young age, zipping from continent to continent as if he were the founder of a global taxi company. One fascinating episode in his life came during the waning hours of 1999, which was highlighted in the recent press release about his life: “At the tail end of 1999, when Y2K was everyone’s biggest fear, he chased the New Year across 12 time zones, dropping in at a dozen “end of the world” parties to celebrate with those scared to see the clock strike midnight. His presence alone collectively calmed the nerves of the entire planet.”


According to the new Most Interesting Man in the World, "the quest for new challenges and new experiences is the greatest sport of all."

Despite all of the new MIM’s talents and skills, perhaps his most important attribute is his ability to inspire people to be the best, most adventurous and most interesting person that they can be. Even though if someone were to catalog his adventures the tome would be longer than the combined length of every other book ever written, his most fascinating experiences are the ones he has still yet to have.

New experiences shape us all in myriad untold ways, and in order to stay motivated to discover these new experiences, sometimes a little push is in order and some guidance is required. Who better to help us stick to our goals and be the best person we can be than the most Interesting Man In the World? As our new hero would say, “stay thirsty, mis amigos.”


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