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Mother Earth Brew Co. Head Brewer Chris Baker Talks Power of Love IPA

91 Rating - Exceptional
Mother Earth Brew Co. Head Brewer Chris Baker Talks Power of Love IPA

We spoke with Mother Earth Brew Co. Head Brewer Chris Baker about Power of Love IPA.

BC: Who came up with this beer’s recipe? 
Like many of our beers, the owners built these recipes when they were doing the brewing back in the day, but as time went on, I worked to make adjustments based on various changes in hop availability, brewing equipment and trends in what craft beer fans want to drink. So it’s kind of an amalgamation and fusion of ideas.

BC: What’s your favorite aspect of this beer (flavor, aroma, etc.)? 
Wow, it’s hard to say. They play off each other so nicely, but when an IPA is fresh, it’s gotta be the aroma, right?

BC: Where does this beer’s name come from? 
Well, the owner’s last name is Love, so we were trying to come up with a play on words. Being big music fans, it was the most logical choice.

BC: Is this your “desert island beer?” 
Oh no. Don’t get me wrong, this is an outstanding beer, but if on a desert island, it would have to be something lighter, like our Vanilla Cream Ale – Cali Creamin’.

BC: Can you describe this beer in 10 words or less? 
Blueberry, tangerine, papaya, rose blossoms, grass, passion fruit, pine, berry.

BC: Do you know a story – or have a personal story – that revolves around this beer? 
Probably just the process of applying for the trademark on the name. We didn’t think there was any well in hell we would get it, especially because generally speaking, these days, there are no great ideas left related to beer names. Everyone has thought of it and snagged it already. When this came back approved we were floored.

BC: What's a good food pairing for this beer? 
Pair it with spicy dishes. Not too spicy, but a mild to medium curry, for example. Bitterness amplifies salty and umami flavors, but the caramel notes in the beer also complement the sweeter side of a dish, like caramelized onion or meat dry rubbed with sugar. The bitterness and acidity help cut through fatty foods as well. Put all that together: 50/50 ground pork and beef burger with grilled onions and peppers and a curried beer cheese ladle. Boom.

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