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Mutation Brewing Co. Tour

This destination brewery in Sandy Springs, Georgia brews a variety of fun styles including chicha, ESB and Czech dark lager.

Mutation Brewing Co. Tour

Georgia’s craft beer scene has grown considerably over the past few years. Long gone are the days of SweetWater, Terrapin and Atlanta Brewing (formerly Red Brick) being the only games in town.

With breweries popping up with regularity both inside and outside the perimeter, Georgia is sud­denly a hotbed of brewing talent in the Southeast – a region that doesn’t quite get enough credit for its high-quality beer.

In keeping with that theme, Mutation Brewing in Sandy Springs is a brand-new brewery that boasts a clean and elegant black-and-white exterior as well as brilliant use of striking neon lighting inside its stylish and minimalistic taproom. The neon provides a certain “zing” of color to the taproom – highlighting the brewery’s subtle but effective use of its company colors, green and purple.

The brewery plays hosts to a variety of events including live music performances, sports view­ing parties and even water pong tournaments (think beer pong but more sanitary). Mutation is even open for private events in various locales across the brewery’s 700-square-foot space, which can be set up via the brewery’s website or Facebook page.

Of course, the brewery’s outdoor area is also open to pets – so the pup will be welcomed with open arms.

Mutation Brewing Company's elegant black-and-white taproom
The striking neon lighting provides a certain “zing” of color to Mutation's elegant black-and-white taproom – highlighting the brewery’s subtle but effective use of its company colors, green and purple.

A brewery is nothing without its beer, how­ever, and Mutation delivers on that front with an interesting collection of rotating styles brewed on a 10-barrel system that accommodates 40 kegs daily.

Keep an eye on the brewery’s website and social media channels for the most up-to-the-minute news on the brewery’s beer releases, but Mutation provides a wide range of style that are sure to tickle the fancies of beer connoisseurs whenever they visit.

Tops on that list is Mile High Salute, the brew­ery’s take on the fascinating chicha style, a South American brew made with purple corn, cloves and cinnamon, then fermented with pineapple and apple. “Tart, spiced, and slightly sweet, this sour comes straight from the Andes. You can almost hear the pan flutes,” says the brewery’s website.

Among the brewery’s other current offerings are: A coffee stout, a dessert sour (cleverly named She’s My Berry Pie), an English-style ESB (Extra Special Bitter), a kölsch, a Czech lager and the triumvirate of a West Coast IPA, a New England hazy IPA and a double IPA (again with the great name of The Count of Monte Citro).

Mutation Brewings taps are full of wonderfully interesting styles such as chicha, ESB and Czech dark lager.
Mutation's taps are full of wonderfully interesting styles such as chicha, ESB and Czech dark lager.

As you can see, a trip to Mutation’s taproom represents something of a trip around the world via beer – not something that all breweries in the state can boast. While lagers, sours and IPAs are quite widespread, ESB and chicha especially are unusual brews that one would do well to seek out if you’re in the vicinity of this new Georgia hotspot.

According to Mutation, “we focus on quality and style above all else for our craft beers. We want our customers to enjoy our craft beer the way we get to and the way it should be: fresh and properly handled. Our objective is to supply the customer with a high-quality crafted beer that can be experienced in our modern and vibrant taproom brewery. Our lively entertainment and sociable environment will give our customers additional comfort and amusement.”

That rings true, as one trip to the taproom is sure to have you enamored of its sleek and elegant design as well as the exotic and delicious beers they pour on a daily basis.

Mutation Brewing Company Coffee Style Beer

Photos Courtesy Mutation Brewing Co.

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