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Product Review: Beer Cap Maps

Product Review: Beer Cap Maps

With craft beer and brewing an immensely popular pastime, tons of merchandise and breweriana has become available. From men’s ties that can hold a beer bottle to openers that are shaped like any number of unusual things, craft beer accessories is a booming business.

Sure, huge craft beer sales numbers means better beer is performing well in the market, but it also means that there’s a lot of used bottles, cans and other vessels that are tossed away (hopefully into the recycling bin). Going even more micro, every craft beer fan has an almost limitless supply of bottle caps – something that Beer Cap Maps certainly understands.

Beer Cap Maps (as the name would suggest) specializes in finely-crafted and beautifully-appointed maps with slots available for any beer caps in good condition – not bent up or misshapen – from your favorite breweries. The maps are available in wood, corrugated steel or whitewashed laminate. All look good and each variant would fit in many beercentric decorating schemes.

Our sample was a wooden map of the contiguous United States, but if you want to local, all 50 states are available with roughly the same capacity (still less than the full US one). Also, if you wanted to go global, maps of select countries are also available, spanning the globe from Brazil to New Zealand – with major beer markets like Belgium and Germany also...

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