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Spring 2016, Issue 23

Busy bees, fizzy beers, Spring is here, and with it comes another issue of The Beer Connoisseur.

We'll make contact with an extra-beerestrial in our Innovators Series, featuring the Flying Saucer and Meddlesome Moth’s resident “Beer Guru” Keith Schlabs, before striking west to hear from one of Utah's most experienced brewers to see how he stays busy in the “Beehive state." 

Jonathan Ingram talks craft beer billionaires and tracks down the head of Breckenridge Brewery to discuss its recent acquisition by AB InBev. The journey continues in Buckeye Country, where Kevin Gray explores an Antebellum-era brewery that makes beer “the really hard way.” Sherry Dryja spices it up with a Tex-Mex Beer Brunch, and Greg Nagel jams with The Brews Brothers: Coffee and Beer. We also ask our friends in the beer industry: “What is a Beer Connoisseur?” 

As usual, we have our expert Beer Review, Brewer Q & A and a "tun" of other great content. Skip the allergies this spring and sip a scrumptious craft brew instead with the 23rd issue of The Beer Connoisseur!

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From the Editors


Industry News



Innovators Series: Keith Schlabs of Flying Saucer
The Flying Saucer and Meddlesome Moth's "Beer Guru" sheds a bright white light on the state of beer.

Brewing With: Jon Lee
The brewer behind two of Utah's most venerable craft strongholds rhapsodizes on beer philosophy.

Abita calls on the natural resources of Louisiana to produce
beers as distinctive as the Creole and Cajun cultures.

The Brews Brothers: Coffee and Beer
"A harmonious taste performance guaranteed to get your foot tapping."


What is a Beer Connoisseur?
Other than a terrific website/publication, of course.

Style Studies
We examine the origins and history of Alternative Grain Beer and Black IPA.

Todd Usry of Breckenridge Brewery
Jonathan Ingram sits down with the head of Breckenridge fresh from its purchase by AB InBev.

Connoisseur’s Corner
How craft beer billionaires are changing the game.





A Tex-Mex Beer Brunch
Sherry Dryja explores some spicy and flavorful "liquid brunch" ideas.

Antebellum Ales
Carillon Brewing Co. brews historical ales "the really hard way."

Festivals & Events
Skip the seasonal allergies and sip some beers at these springtime festivals!


Beer Review
Our expert judges review brews from Terrapin, Bell's, Avery, Grimm Artisanal and more!

Brewer Q & A
Brewers share secrets of their most highly rated beers, including Garrett Oliver discussing Brooklyn Black Ops.

Spring Seasonals & Hot New Releases
Tasty treats from 120 breweries nationwide, separated by region.

The European Report

European News
Brewdog goes to America, Brouwerij Huyghe's 4th "Lady and Beer Day," and Germany loses its lead in hop production.

Building a B.O.M.
An explosion of flavors from a veteran Belgian brewer.

Featured European Beers
B.O.M. Brewery's stateside offerings jam three continents' worth of flavor into each bottle.