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Summer 2017, Issue 31

In these wild times, we here at The Beer Connoisseur do our best to remain as informed and consistent as possible. Amidst thousands of breweries and tens of thousands of beers, that's not always an easy task. The reward is getting to share everything we learn with you, our readers. 

By looking to us as a source of information and hopefully, insight, you allow us to perform a very fulfilling role, and we hope that our magazine and site can contribute to whatever sort of fulfillment and happiness you seek. Consider us your BEER vitamin.

On the note of seeking out what makes you happy, our cover story this issue, Real Ale In Rock & Metal, takes a look at the parallels between two very common dream jobs: musician and brewer, with the help of some of rock and metal's biggest names. Having chased down one dream, they're now blazing their own trails in the world of beer. 

Beer, as we have often stated, is meant to act as a bit of spice on the pastry of your life. Too much cinnamon and you'll be sputtering, but when it's just right, the world is sublime. As you peruse this issue, which features multiple takes on the post-Wicked Weed world, a painstakingly thought out and wholly subjective list of America's Top Five Taprooms and a lot more content we're proud to share, we hope you also consider what passions you might not have explored.

So, enjoy Summer 2017, Issue 31 of The Beer Connoisseur, and when you chase down your dreams, share a beer with them!

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From the Editor

Industry News



Real Ale In Rock & Metal
Join us as we explore the symbiotic relationship between the two artforms with help from some of rock and metal’s “O.G.’s”.

Little Innovations in Brewing
Even minor innovations can make a mammoth difference in today's exciting and rapidly evolving craft beer landscape.

Sterling Tradition and Rebirth at Elgood's Brewery
One of the U.K.'s most venerated family-owned breweries finds gold in both old and new.


Abita calls on the natural resources of Louisiana to produce
beers as distinctive as the Creole and Cajun cultures.


It's Alive! Bottle Conditioned Beer
BJCP-certified beer judge Josh Weikert checks in to see what condition your bottle condition is in.

Connoisseur's Corner
Jonathan Ingram illuminates the "Divisive Deed" of Wicked Weed, and its implications for craft.




Top of the Taps: America's Five Best Taprooms
Emily Hutto returns to tackle an impossible task: whittling America's thousands of breweries and their taprooms down to the top five. 

Settling Ashe: Small Brewing in North Carolina
Chris Gigley surveys the small beer scene in N.C. to see how the "Ashe" has settled.

Summer Beer Recommendations
Chris Guest compiles a list of summer sippers that will have your craft-loving friends green with envy.



Beer Review
Single-blind reviews from our panel of experts. Featuring Cape May Brewing Co.'s The Topsail, Breckenridge's Barrel-Aged Imperial Cherry Stout and many more!

Brewer Q & A
Brewers share secrets of their highest-scoring beers.