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Summer Beer Recommendations (Issue 31)


It’s summertime! With this sun-dappled season sending spring showers skulking off into the upper reaches of the stratosphere, it’s time to delve into some beer styles for your poolside (or sprinklerside) enjoyment.

Almost every style under the sun is being infused with exotic flavorings – most notably in IPA varietals – and the same holds true for popular summer beer styles. Though lingonberry saisons and Italian plum goses certainly sound tempting, this year’s summer beer recommendations are brought to you by the color green, as in the color of cucumbers and limes.

All of the beers below employ the chosen flavors to excellent effect – able to cool the most parched of throats in the sweltering summer heat.

Black Market Brewing Co. – Tradecraft Cucumber Gose – This mildly tart and uber refreshing ale from Temecula, California's Black Market Brewing mashes in green with real cucumber, but comes out a fresh straw-colored pale yellow. Equally at home as a singular quencher or paired with light fare such as a summer salad with a sweet vinaigrette, this one is a must try, if you can find it.

Key Lime Pie Gose – Westbrook Brewing Co. – Want a dessert beer without the guilt of guzzling a sticky, heavy imperial stout? How about this eye-opening sour from Charleston’s Westbrook Brewing Company? Featuring a scintillating blend of lime puree, cinnamon and vanilla, this beer perks you up with its vast array of flavor and aroma combinations. Let this cool brew wash over you and let every sip touch your taste buds – you’ll pick up hints of a bready, crusty character, which only furthers the illusion that you’re simply drinking a liquefied Key Lime Pie.

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