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Summer 2018, Issue 37

Summertime means summer beer and another thrilling, brew-filled issue of The Beer Connoisseur, which we are proud to present to you.

As many of you melt in the sweltering summer temperatures, let’s try and cool off with a fascinating story about a slightly more hydrating beverage – water. We traveled far and wide to find out Where on Earth is the Best Water for Brewing, and Tiffany Koebel helps to guide us on the importance of H2O's different properties in brewing.

After that, Jim Dykstra teaches us everything we need to know about The Almighty Trappist Ale, a venerable and storied moniker regarding ales brewed by Cisterian Monks – a label denoting craft beer of the highest quality. 

We also explore the lack of diversity in the workforce devoted to craft brewing, which is a difficult subject to parse due to limited data. Ryan Newhouse delves into this complex and engaging topic with excellent detail.

A trio of education pieces continues our Summer Issue coverage, including: What Determines the Color of Beer, How to Trade Beer Online and perhaps the most salient question – a definition of what craft beer actually entails in What is Craft Beer?

In that same vein, we pose a question regarding the possibility that there might be too many craft breweries in America – stunting the growth of smaller breweries around the nation.

We also look into the role of the brewery taproom from a craft brewer’s perspective, as well as showcase the 15 Unique Ale Trails in the United States, according to Bryan Richards.

Without further ado, I give you Issue #37 of The Beer Connoisseur!

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The Almighty Trappist Ale
We explore the hallowed ground of one of the world's most venerable brewing institutions -- Trappist Ales.

Where on Earth is the Best Water for Brewing?
Beer is nothing without the water used to brew it; we seek out some of the most famous water sources in the world to see how each affects the beers they brew.

The Stunning Lack of Diversity in Craft Brewing
In a craft beer scene dominated by extreme stylistic diversity, why is that same diversity not represented in those that actually brew beer?

Abita calls on the natural resources of Louisiana to produce
beers as distinctive as the Creole and Cajun cultures.



What is Craft Beer?
It's the reason you're reading this magazine, but what exactly is craft beer in 2018?

How to Trade Beer Online
Trading beer online can be intimidating and befuddling. We aim to cut through the confusion with our "how-to" on trading beer online.

What Determines the Color of Beer?
Maillard, acidity and caramelization, oh my! What exactly affects a beer's color the most?





15 Unique US Ale Trails
Highlighting the most unique and interesting ale trails in the United States.

The Business of Tasting Rooms
Exploring the tasting room's role in modern craft beer and how they affect the business side of the industry.

Are There Too Many Craft Breweries?
With almost limitless possibilities in modern craft beer, how many breweries is too many?



Official Review
Single-blind reviews from our panel of experts. Featuring Highland Pilsner, Funkwerks Saison, Coronado Marine Dream IPA and many more!

Brewer Q & A
Brewers share secrets of their highest-scoring beers.

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